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I have been photographing diverse subjects for 19 years. My work embodies my interest in exploring and sharing my perspective on cultural experiences and travel. American by birth, I relocated from NYC to Hong Kong in 2013, to the Netherlands in 2016, and back home to NYC in 2019. 

I am especially drawn to intense color, textures, geometries and lines, and light and shadow. While capturing specific moments or elements that evoke the essence of place (or sometimes challenge perceptions of such), I seek to create rich, timeless images. 

I began my training with photographic composition and black-and-white printing classes at Montgomery College. I have since taken classes specializing in photography and travel, studying with renowned photographers including Jay Maisel, David Alan Harvey, and Jill Enfield. I also studied technical skills at the International Center of Photography. 

My work has been featured in various photography platforms and feeds, including competitions hosted by Getty Images and Instagram.